Will writing services in the UK

Make a will online and you can make a legally valid will in less than 20 minutes. Simply sign in to makeawillonline.co.uk and answer a set of online questions and, once the process has been completed, you will have a fully legal document for a great price. You will review your answers at the end of the process and can make any necessary corrections. Once you are 100% happy with the answers you have given, you can make a secure one-off payment with credit/debit card or PayPal. Your legal last will and testament is then emailed to the email address you provided at the start of the will writing process.

Along with your finished last will and testament is a document with instructions for witnessing, signing and storage. The instructions are very important as your last will and testament must be correctly executed and stored to be of value.

All wills drafted on makeawillonline.co.uk are checked by an experienced, qualified team of will writing professionals. If there are any queries relating to your will, you will be contacted via the email address you provided when you started the online will writing process.

Here are a selection of important things to consider when making a last will and testament online:

Who will be your executors?

Your executors are the people charged with managing your estate once you die, including all financial transactions. If you choose reliable people and let them know that you have chosen them as your executors, it is much easier for all concerned! It is also recommended that you have a minimum of two executors.

Guardianship in your last will and testament

If you have young children or dependents, you can assign legal guardians in your last will and testament. Choose people who you believe can handle the responsibility of looking after children and let them know that you wish for them to be your guardians.

Are there any specific gifts (or “legacies”) you would like to give in your estate?

If you wish to give a certain amount of money or specific item to someone, you can do it with a specific gift or "legacy".

Who would you like to inherit the bulk of your estate – known as the “residue”?

This includes everything that is not mentioned as a specific gift (legacy). The residue is often the largest part of your estate.

Do you have any specific burial or cremation wishes?

You can add any specific wishes you have regarding your burial or cremation.

It has never been easier to make a last will and testament but well over half of UK adults don't have a valid will. Dying without a valid will can cause tremedous trouble for your loved ones at a time that is already hard enough for them.

If you die without a last will and testament, your estate will be managed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. There is no flexibility with regards who gets what. Making a will means you take control of an important part of your life. Don't delay, make a will online today.


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